A Tongan Girl's Trials

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A Tongan Girl's Trials
by Charlotte Fonua

Everyday emotional feelings Charlotte Fonua shares with us, her deepest and most profound stages that we face in our daily lives.

From her love for family to her gratitude of love from Professor and Instructors and anyone who Charlotte has been inspired by.

Through this book come along and turn pages as we explore a "Tongan girl's trials," with such mesmerized memory as if we too were side by side with Charlotte Fonua throughout the rich and loving Journey of her life.

In this book you'll find poems that you can relate to with powerful emotions along with life in A Tongan Girl's Trials!

About the Author

Charlotte Fonua comes from a family of seven. She is the first to go to college. Charlotte's passions are serving the Lord and inspiring others to reach their full potentials.

Charlotte has a heart for both young and seniors; she admires songs and poetic poems. You would fall in love with Charlotte Fonua. She's an easy outgoing citizen who is very sincere at heart and kind at sod. She resides in Oakland, California with her family and is a teacher.

Here is a word deep from Charlotte Fonua that you can read just as is: from the Heart!

(2013, paperback, 54 pages)


A Tongan Girl's Trials (PDF)
A Tongan Girl's Trials (PDF)

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