Trauma in Our Children's Lives: Effects on Development and Learning

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by Glen H. Elmer, Ph.D., MS

Childhood trauma is a reflection of the author’s thirty years of work within the human services profession. It was written for new professionals entering the field, offering valuable insight, and it pertains to seasoned professionals to either validate or redirect their work. It was also written for anyone wanting to gain insight into the devastation trauma creates on children as well as providing a clinical and critical perspective of well-meaning social service systems that often exacerbate the trauma as they enter into the trauma victim’s life.


Glen E. Elmer, Ph.D., MS, was raised in the small logging community of Sweet Home, Oregon. He received his formal education there and completed his Master’s Degree in Clinical Child and Youth Work at Western Oregon State College. He recently completed his online Ph.D. in Human Development with Glendale University. He served in the U.S. Army, which included a tour of duty in Vietnam. That experience impacted his entire life and is the basis for his strong spiritual beliefs.

He has worked in the human services field for thirty years and is currently a mental health therapist for Lincoln County, Oregon. His two passions in life are his wife, Violet, who he would say “is truly the love of his life,” and his volunteer work with White Wolf Sanctuary, where they provide care for arctic white wolves that were maltreated by humans.

(2007, paperback, 86 pages)

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