Trucker Jokes Gold Rush

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Trucker Jokes Gold Rush
by Arthur Ross Romero

Truckers are a rare breed of folks; rambling and gambling, living freedom the way true Americans live their lives. The United States of America relies on the Transportation Logistics Industry as a main lifeline for continued well being. To be able to maintain a cool and positive attitude on the road is what professional drivers do best.

Laughter makes the world go around and a good joke always makes for a good day! Don't hesitate, Truckers Jokes Gold Rush, is easy reading, great on the road, at break time, for anyone, anytime and makes a perfect gift!

About the Author

To remain one hundred percent safe, sure and to never let our attention down is a truck driver's creed. It's a good thing to be rested, ready and in a good mood. During the author's humble time as a professional driver, he has come to the conclusion that the one commonality between folks is enjoying good reading and entertainment.

There is no better time than the present to have fun! Every day is a new day and every joke is a new smile! Before we get on home, let's pull in at the next truck stop for a few laughs!

(2013, paperback, 114 pages)


Trucker Jokes Gold Rush (PDF)
Trucker Jokes Gold Rush (PDF)

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