Treading Lightly: Not so modern poetry in the post-modern age

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Treading Lightly: Not so modern poetry in the post-modern age
by John Gentry

If you don't like any of the lines below, you won't like any of the poems inside:

"The belladonna fruit is red, a warning that you'd soon be dead
If you so much as broke the skin and sipped the deadly juice within."
-From Lucrezia's Feast

"Who knows where you'd be, or what the age, or what it all would mean
When the wheels stop spinning and you look out from inside the time machine?"
-From The Time Machine

"But hardly had she moved her baggage in, and proved herself of legal ancestry,
Then she went into convulsions and she died from something disagreeable in her tea."
-From British Murder Mystery

"And I worked for a week on yarns and rhymes, which I finished one afternoon
And brought 'em down to the cowboy slam at the Buckaroo Saloon."
-From Cowboy Slam.

"Then I had some supper in the big lodge hall-A steak, a salad and fries,
And listened to a pair of old coots at the bar swapping backwoods lies."
-From The Pinehurst Cabin

"Three bullets they found in his chest, from a gun with her finger prints on the grip.
For the time for the crime she has no alibi, and she says that she don't give a rip."
-From Hopeless Case,

"Across the cover ran a black freight train with a billowing head of steam,
Bearing down on a girl, tied fast to the tracks, illumed in the headlight's beam."
-From Dime Novel

"You will dig the sands along the bank for the cogitation clam,
And gather the roe of the idiom fish at the base of the Deep-Thought Dam."
-From Fishing for Words.

About the Author

California poet John Gentry is a retired teacher and an unapologetic rhymer - a rare appellation in this age of modern, free verse poetry. He is a septuagenarian senior citizen drawing on 30 years of elementary classroom teaching, four years of service on a U.S. Navy destroyer, and more than a dozen years of west coast open mic poetry exposure to bring this first published volume to light. He is a father of five adopted children (all grown) and two grandchildren with one more on the way. John has lived in Ventura, California for the past 50 years and is a member of the local Tuesday Night Poets. He would welcome any comments at

(2012, paperback, 294 pages)


Treading Lightly: Not so modern poetry in the post-modern age (PDF)
Treading Lightly: Not so modern poetry in the post-modern age (PDF)

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