TurnAround Again

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TurnAround Again
by Tara T. Greene

Author of The Upside Down of Things, released on August 28, 2011 through Seaburn Publishing Group, Tara T. Greene enjoys speaking with book clubs and social groups about how she got started writing and the magnificent lives of her characters: Jayden Miller, Dalia Little, Blake Lowry, and Lauren Daniels.

Over the past year, Tara has expanded her writing endeavors to proposal writings and ghostwriting projects. In 2011, Tara became the first local author in Columbia, SC to have a deal with Starbucks for local book signings where she was able to meet and greet local supporters of her first novel.

Since completing her second book, Tara has been focusing on developing her publishing team, Teal Dreams Ink. Presently, Tara is working on her third book, Religious Sinners, set to released soon.

(2013, paperback, 210 pages)


TurnAround Again
TurnAround Again

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