UnAmerican Education, Poetry and Politics

Item# ISBN9780805980226

by Dr. Aneil Sook Deo

In this anthology, Aneil Sook Deo expresses his optimism about America and its natural endowments as he deftly combines poetry and essays on democracy and the environment after an introductory prologue that serves as a meditation.

In the essay “Authority and Resistance,” Deo examines how the war in Iraq is changing us. What is new about our response to Iraq now compared to 1981? Is Iraq becoming a wedge between “us” and “them”?

His final essays include lessons in race relations and the values of American education, especially when compared to Trinidad and Tobago, the subject of a doctoral study on colonialism, and his firsthand knowledge of South Africa.

Deo’s poems—light and serious treatises inspired by nature and the demands of special education—are found among the essays. They cover the gamut of topics from nature and education to the promises, fulfilled and broken, of God and mankind, making this a collection for anyone interested in humanity.


An inventor, educator, and historian, Aneil Sook Deo came to America via a Fulbright Scholarship. Neither of his parents had completed high school; none of his siblings has completed college. Segregation and limited career options for blacks and Asians in the pre-Mandella era are being erased from his psyche, as Deo is “recovering from apartheid,” a process helped by ordinary Americans, President Mandella, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Deo has worked as an educator since 1981. He helped to establish the Saraswati Institute in New Hampshire and is now director of the Holistic Institute of Education (www.HiEducation.info). His passions are education inventing games, and volunteering for literacy and the environment.

(2005, paperback, 118 pages)

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UnAmerican Education, Poetry and Politics
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