Unlocking Stories

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Unlocking Stories
by Seedy Bojang

Unlocking Stories is a collection of short stories that has its leaning in oral narration and turns it into a moral lesson to amuse both old and young readers.

This series is both thrilling and exciting, as the author uses specific types of prose genres to preserve special beliefs of a given society. From the memories of the past, it recounts eleven different epic tales of what everyone would like to know in the present.

"It is a must read for all interested in story telling as a moral lesson to enrich one's knowledge."
-The Independent Critic

About the Author

The author, Seedy Bojang, is a prolific Gambian writer. After studying journalism he has served as editor and proofreader in a number of Gambian papers. He now lives in Denmark as Frederiksberg first guest writer, where he is pursuing a graduate course in creative writing. He is a member of both the Danish Writers Society and Melbourne PEN. Bojang's other works include The Changing World, ABC Of Journalism, Devil's Lover, Bumpy Journey, Tip Of The Iceberg, Shadow From My Past, and Our Tears And Sorrows. He also co-authored another title, Does God Exist?.

(2012, paperback, 50 pages)


Unlocking Stories (PDF)
Unlocking Stories (PDF)

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