Vampire Sovereign: Initiation

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Vampire Sovereign: Initiation
by C.A. Krueger

Sasha Petrovski grows up Goth in Houston's exclusive River Oaks community. When a strange package arrives she finds she is the only one who can travel to Prague to sign legal documents pertaining to an old family estate.

Upon discovering she is a direct descendent and look-alike of Prague's most famous Vampire Royal, Sasha is whisked away to the remote estate surrounded by dark forests and howling wolves.

After she develops a crush on Egon, the suave, dark haired butler, Sasha snoops around the creepy estate, trying to discover its secrets and her own identity. But what about Egon's two strange finger rings, or that 'mark' he has on the back of his neck? Or the other strange ritual objects held safe in the Estate?

Suspecting the other servants may be Vampires, Sasha wonders if she herself is a Vampire. And what about delicious Egon? In the process of investigating the Estate's secrets, Sasha discovers her true self, her blossoming womanhood and her heartthrob-Egon! He succeeds in encouraging her to accomplish a whole lot more with her heritage, but wonders if a romantic betrayal will spell permanent trouble for him in their blossoming relationship.

About the Author

C.A. Krueger was born in Denver, Colorado in 1965. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and a triple minor in Classics, Fine Arts, and World Religions from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Currently Krueger teaches English to students of Foreign Language Origins. She resides in Houston, Texas with her husband and children.

When one of Krueger's friends confided that most Vampire novels fail to offer enough racy adult excitement or fully developed characters, the challenge was on to combine the thrill of a Vampire novel with the lightly erotic, romantic fantasy expectations of adults. Krueger invites you to relax and enjoy a romantic Gothic Thriller that combines authentic old world Goth-Vampire legend with American Classic Goth-modernism, in a sexy romance geared for mature readers. Authentic Bohemian Vampire legend is at your fingertips. Get bitten today!

(2012, paperback, 626 pages)


Vampire Sovereign: Initiation (pdf)
Vampire Sovereign: Initiation (pdf)

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