Voice in the Whirlwind

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Voice in the Whirlwind
by S.R. Lavin

"Voice in the Whirlwind reveals an awareness of a shared humanity with an engaged ethical foundation and a spiritual reverence in nature. The scope of Lavin's vision envelops the depth and breadth of the human experience. S. R. Lavin has nurtured these penetrating insights for three decades and now readers can share the complete experience with him in this one volume." -Debi Staples

Contained within this one volume are as yet unpublished poems, as well as poems previously published in quarterlies, magazines, and anthologies. Lavin's writings span three decades: a maturing visionary seeking peace and beauty while confronting injustice and social evils, and never failing to ponder those mysteries beyond our finite understandings.

Through suffering and the courage to endure, Lavin offers a reassuring voice and an affirmation of a life that has been lived fully in touch with what is worth struggling to attain, and, without apology, to stand resolutely against injustice.

Taken as a body of work, these poems offer a complete and expansive vision of the human capacity to see and comprehend how the forces of Nature are woven in concert with his existential narrative. The poems convey what it means to be vulnerable and connected to our deep human needs.

About the Author

Born in 1945, S. R. Lavin has been widely published in the U.S. as well as internationally in England, China, Poland, Israel, Japan and The Netherlands.

Lavin was the founding editor and publisher of The FOUR ZOAS Journal of Poetry and Letters, a five-time recipient of N.E.A. Grants in Literature (USA) and winner of the prestigious Leonardo da Vinci Cultural Achievement Award (Florence, Italy). He is actively writing and gives poetry workshops and readings.

Visit him at http://www.srlavin.com.

"Reading S. R. Lavin's poetry is to allow for a personal transformation to occur within one's own soul." -William Berger

"When one accepts the wide range within which Lavin's work takes hold, the results continue to surprise and reassure us of the unfailing flow of his deep human vitality." -Gerard Malanga

(2012, paperback, 216 pages)


Voice in the Whirlwind (PDF)
Voice in the Whirlwind (PDF)

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