Wall Street in High Heels

Wall Street in High Heels
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Wall Street in High Heels by Natalie Aiman

Wall Street in High Heels is a tale of three women and their financial brokerage firms in the Wall Street of the South: Houston, Texas. The women challenge themselves, an industry, and the law in an inverted, psychological-suspense murder mystery.

Great work from a first-time author! Wall Street in High Heels is a murder mystery that reads like a work of modern philosophy. A great read not just for the business savvy, but for anyone with an interest in mystery.
- Jon Jordan

Natalie Aiman's Wall Street in High Heels skillfully brings to life the vulnerable soft underbelly of the financial securities industry. Unmasking flamboyant characters who are as passionate as they are flawed, her expose is full of unexpected twists that stagger toward poetic justice.
- Henry C. Aiman

Natalie Aiman's Wall Street in High Heels paints the face of the fast-paced financial securities industry and unmasks a unique portrait while embroiling you in complex tale that ends with making you at once reflective, expectant, and satisfied.
- Paul F. Grimley

About the Author

Natalie Aiman is a former Securities General Principal Officer. She spent nearly a decade in the securities brokerage finance industry in Houston, Texas, accumulating numerous licenses and professional titles. She worked for various companies, most notably Superior Financial Group, Southwest Securities, Paine Webber, and Merrill Lynch, as well as Sun Life of Canada. She also hosted her own public television show on TCI and Warner Cable entitled Financial Matters.

(2011, paperback, 194 pages)


Wall Street in High Heels (PDF)
Wall Street in High Heels (PDF)

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