We've Come This Far by Faith and Not by Sight

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We've Come This Far by Faith and Not by Sight
by La'Von Peterson-Banks

Olivia loves her sons and she will go to any length to make sure that they will become strong black men one day. Sometimes up and sometimes down, Olivia, cannot protect her sons from the streets; but she made sure that she instilled in her sons that you can't trust the streets or the people in the streets.

Olivia's, hard work paid off. Her sons are now successful in the careers they chose, and Olivia, finally gets her dream home where she can now lay back and chill. To this day Olivia, still encourages her sons to keep on praying and to always put God first. Oh, "WE CAME THIS FAR BY FAITH AND NOT BY SIGHT." THANK YOU, JESUS.

About the Author

I'm a Washingtonian born and raised. I reside in Temple Hills, Maryland with my loving and supportive husband. I love and trust our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, with all my heart and soul. My family is very important to me. I love to have fun; I also love just about all kinds of music. I love to read and write. Dancing is what I love to do most.

(2012, paperback, 52 pages)


We've Come This Far by Faith and Not by Sight (PDF)
We've Come This Far by Faith and Not by Sight (PDF)

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