What Lurks Below

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What Lurks Below
by Bruce E. Norris

A relatively peaceful and safe harbor in South Florida is terrorized by the discovery of an enormous saltwater crocodile - little do the people know that it is more than just a crocodile. Don Henderson, a former shrimp boat owner has accomplished the impossible by creating a hybrid reptile that he hopes will make him millions. The problem, however, is when it escapes and starts feeding on people.

Virgil Goodman is a tugboat captain and former friend of Don, who inadvertently gets blackmailed into joining the hunting crew to help lull the monstrous reptile. Virgil and his crew embark on their most terrifying job as they hunt the beast to the breathtaking climax!

About the Author

A native of South Florida, Bruce E. Norris lives with his wife and two children, along with many pets, ranging from a snake to horses. An avid diver and fisherman, he and his family enjoy the ocean and camping in the Florida Keys. With a vivid imagination and writer of many short stories, he finally set his sights on writing his first full adventure story. Hope you enjoy.

(2012, paperback, pages)


What Lurks Below (PDF)
What Lurks Below (PDF)

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