The Wheel Eternal: Written by: Gursaran Singh Saran, Translated by: Nirwan Singh

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The Wheel Eternal
Written by: Gursaran Singh Saran
Translated by: Nirwan Singh

The Wheel Eternal was originally published in Punjabi (the Author’s mother tongue) as sme dee bairr in 2000. It contains poems written during 1980-2000 while the Poet was living in USA. Dealing with wide-ranging subjects, themes, and issues, the poems embody concern for the human condition that encompasses emotional, biological, sociological, psychological, metaphysical, material, and spiritual aspects of Life.

The Author’s crusading belligerence springs from his deep faith in Gurbani (Guru’s Revealed Word), and his own mind is the battlefield where he is constantly engaged in combat with the forces of evil, immorality, and ugliness—which have now overwhelmed the modern world. The poet feels that the inner consciousness, reason, mind, and understanding of the modern man are not trained spiritually. He has depicted today’s religion and its (mal-)practices as a mongrel collection of outdated rituals and rules. In his experience, spirituality deepens the bond among humans, vis-à-vis the Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man.

This work can be placed among the Metaphysical Poets’ by virtue of the profundity of its content such as the readers would find irresistibly fascinating.

About the Author

Principal Gursaran Singh Saran (b.1932) is an educationist by profession. He worked for 51 years in educational administration, research, teaching, teachers’ training, and Biomedical Information Technology in India and the United States. In 1999 he retired as Director Information Systems from the CWRU School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio (USA) where he did pioneering work in developing administrative and academic computing. He had worked as Principal of Colleges of Education for eight years in India prior to moving to the United States in 1978.

About the Translator

Professor Nirwan Singh (1929-2010) was not only an accomplished educator, but was a thinker, a scholar and a writer. His ardent desire to translate Gurbani (Guru’s Revealed Word) into many languages led him to learn French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Russian. He translated the book sme dee bairr under the Title The Wheel Eternal into English. It was out of his love to share knowledge with other people. Dr SS Bhatti who wrote the Foreword while evaluating the translation of this book remarked, “the translator has done a commendable job.”

(2013, paperback, 176 pages)


The Wheel Eternal: Written by: Gursaran Singh Saran, Translated by: Nirwan Singh (eBook)
The Wheel Eternal: Written by: Gursaran Singh Saran, Translated by: Nirwan Singh (eBook)

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