Wisdom From The Master Forces

Wisdom From The Master Forces
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Wisdom From the Master Forces
Through the psychic gift of Elwood Babbitt

Wisdom From the Master Forces is a gift of spiritual essence rarely seen. The information, brought through the mediumship of Elwood Babbitt in the 1990's, is the last effort of his remarkable works.

Various master forces from spirit speak of everyday aspects of nature, color, creation, and beauty among other topics. Other entities of renown such as Albert Einstein, Pearl Buck, to name a few, comment on the masters' messages and engage in conversation with various interviewers.

This information is always valuable as it contains within it the seeds of spiritual values that are relevant for any age, any time.

About the Author

Elwood Donald Babbitt was born of November 26, 1921 in Orange, Massachusetts, to Roy and Alma Babbitt. Since childhood, Babbitt had a gift of clairvoyance, and as a young man, he and his father often visited Lake Pleasant Spiritualist gatherings. At twenty, he enlisted with the Marine Corps in the Second Marine Division.

After the war, Babbitt drew upon his war experience and his psychic gifts to help a burgeoning group of young people who found his practical wisdom and spiritual guidance helpful in their own search for inner values. Later in life, he gave "life readings" to many individuals; he has been coined the "Medium of Massachusetts' by those who were helped by him. Historian and anthropologist Charles Hapgood wrote three books about Babbitt's work: Voices of Spirit, The God Within, and Talks with Christ.

Babbitt was married four times. Just after the war, his first marriage was to Jeanne Shram. Second he was married to Emily Larsen, with whom he raised three children. Later, he married Margaret Hack, who bore his fourth child, Anya. His fourth marriage was to Daria Nielson in 1991; he lived with her until he passed away from lung cancer on April 25, 2001.

(2011, paperback, 202 pages)


Wisdom From The Master Forces (PDF)
Wisdom From The Master Forces (PDF)

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