Winning Keno

Item# ISBN978-1-4349-6083-2

by Michael Gilfillan

In the second edition of Winning Keno, Michael Gilfillan expands his twenty-first-century system for the game of keno. Using a new and more comprehensive strategy section, players can incorporate numbers based on the authorís own discovery of the repeating sequence of numbers referred as the occurrence factor. Visualize the occurrence factor as a continuous stream of numbers that acts as the game of kenoís biorhythm.

Instead of using a Ouija board or Chinese cookies, a player armed with the book has twenty-four sets of numbers using the occurrence factor as a guide for optimum play. Each of the sets contains the results from playing eight million games for that hour.

Using Winning Keno will help the new players avoid the chaos of trying to understand a new game with many variations. Experienced players gain to edge by finding that one more number and when to play it.


Michael Gilfillan is retired and is now living in southern Alabama. Besides enjoying the golden years, he recently completed writing a play. Currently he is working on a new novel based on some of his earlier experiences.

(2008, paperback, 152 pages)

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