WOFUFUZA: The Seeker - A Tale of Christ

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Wofufua The Seeker
by William H. Soisson

Wofufuza, "The Seeker," was named by his high chief father according to Bantuland tradition of 2,000 years ago, and his life followed that tradition, as he becomes what his name signifies. We find him discontented with his good life, and so finally he undertakes a search for a mysterious something that he is missing.

On his trek, Wofufuza passes through a succession of different cultures, each them inferior to that of his home, for they all operate on false premises. He is thinking about returning to Bantuland, when he comes to a place called Palestine. His life is forever changed.

About the Author

William Soisson has spent eleven fruitful years in the tiny African nation of Malawi. In 2008, he founded an orphanage called Trinitas House, which now cares for more than 600 pre-school age children, victims of unbelievable poverty.

William has long been baffled by the fact that no African is found in the retinue of the biblical Jesus. The story of The Seeker is based on his knowledge of the Bantu people's ancient traditions and noble ways. It is William's vision of what might have been.

(2013, paperback, 196 pages)


WOFUFUZA: The Seeker (PDF)
WOFUFUZA: The Seeker (PDF)

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This item is currently out of stock!

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