Young Millionaire'z Entertainment Presents: Eye'z Wide Open - The Naked Truth

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Young Millionaire'z Entertainment Presents: Eye'z Wide Open - The Naked Truth
by Trent Johnson

One man plus two woman equals the perfect combination of a hatred that is laced with a female's scornful deceit.

Ghilda (Butterfly) Jerico carved out a memory for her family starting at the toe of poverty until she became the head of wealth and power. She began her rise with an agile nature and yielding the sword of ruthlessness, implementing her cunning appetite until the soils of New Lerado, Mexico, had been subdued.

Butterfly owned it all. She had the money and the power, but one day the flavor of retribution would drive Ghilda's controlling nature into the heart of Washington, D.C.'s concrete jungles with the sole purpose of inflicting monumental pain in the life of Prince Abdul aka The Jewel.

But un-beknown to Butterfly, the poison of her treachers plot will be diluted by the desire and determination of Robin, The Jewel's love and friend, and as the sins of Butterfly ceast to exist, the life of Prince Abdul aka The Jewel, will give birth to a menacing twist.

About the Author

I was born in Brooklyn, New York, as the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Warren Johnson.

I am single with one biological daughter. My favorite writers are Mr. Donald Goines/Eric Jarome Dickey and Jason Poole. My inspiration to write creatively comes from years of reading and writing poetry, along with being totally fascinated with the powerful emotional imagination that lives within the art of story telling.

My favorite hobbies consist of enjoying life, writing, reading a good book, sports, and being involved with anything that brings me closer to nature, like picnicking next to a fresh water pond or taking hikes deep into the woods while encountering the habitants of nature.

My immediate goals are to capture the attention of those who enjoy a great reading with my novel Young Millionaire's Presents: Eye'z wide open - The Naked Truth. My future goals are to stay moving in a positive direction while setting my sights higher and higher with each new novel I write. Also my secret passion is to one day perform on stage before live audiences like on Broadway.

And where would I like to be five years from now? Making a difference and having a positive effect on the lives of those who always believed in me while rewarding the one person who would never give up on me… And that faithful one is none other than me.

(2012, paperback, 212 pages)


Young Millionaire'z Entertainment Presents: Eye'z Wide Open - The Naked Truth (PDF)
Young Millionaire'z Entertainment Presents: Eye'z Wide Open - The Naked Truth (PDF)

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